Belitong Island

Charm and beauty of the Island and Coast Belitong was remarkable. A British tourist named Rod Swift to say he wanted to die of old age in Belitong island. This reflects how much astonishment a foreign tourist, who was willing to spend his life in Belitong because of its beauty. Kelayang Cape Coast is a beach frequented by Rod. On the beach is very terpincut Rod and admire its beauty. White sand beaches, blue skies and clear blue waters extend as well as beautifully. On the beach headland Kelayang Belitong we can also see the stone granite that makes a unique shape. A short distance away we could see a large granint stones that form an island, the surrounding community named the Bird Island.

Other beautiful beaches on the island is the beach Belitong high promontory. Granite rocks which form the basin, where there is a port of the chamber, presents the extraordinary beauty and inexhaustible. Edge of granite rocks, in the middle is a clean white sand. Many Trees that the harmony grows naturally present a more beautiful stretch of beach. People said it seemed high headland beach heaven. Incoming sea water through the rocks, white sand and blue sky promising a fascinating tour experience.

Not far from shore the boat of the hill we could see the island of Galangal, where there is a lighthouse on top of a very old dutch. Since it was built 1883, this lighthouse still stands firmly. If we had the opportunity up to the tower, will be presented a great view because we can see some small islands that beautiful and charming. Belitong beach in the east, though not as famous as Belitong west coast. also offers a charm that is not less beautiful. Birds bathing beach, palm beach waved and pigeon beach is a beach on the east side a decent Belitong you visit if traveling to get there.

Belitong name, according to a story that spread in society, the origins of the name "Bali is truncated". Although quite a lot of tourists who assume that the more beautiful beaches Belitong when compared to coastal beaches in Bali. Yes, even more so because in Belitong beach is still beautiful, clean and natural.

The composition of granite lined beaches further adds to the charm of natural Belitong Coupled with the underwater scenery as coral reefs, and fish are fascinating fish. Belitong is indeed beautiful.To reach the island Belitong, it's easy. Flight from Jakarta to Tanjung Pandan Belitong available every day. With a travel time of approximately 60 minutes. In addition to the location of the road from the town beach location also has an open and well paved. Distance from cape coastal pandanus is also not too far away, the beach high promontory is approximately 30 km. Unfortunately public transport is not available as well. To facilitate your journey, you can hire transportation services provided by local travel agents.

But you do not have to worry about lodging, quite a lot of cottages are available, though not too fancy, but quiet and natural atmosphere into added value. Stunning natural beauty, and tranquility on the island Belitong, is the thing that makes a lot of people fall in love on the Belitong beach . Naturally, if there are tourists who want to enjoy life and die of old age on the Belitong Island.

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