Cubadak Island - Paradise in Sumatra

Cubadak region at the beginning was the former crater with an area of about 40 sq. km. The island is uninhabited, except for only a few houses fishermen as a haven when benighted at sea, and filled with dense forest. A number of birds and wild animals such as monkeys, deer, pigs live here. Cubadak is one of dozens of small islands off the coast of West Sumatra.

Actually there are many small islands in the region has great potential. Among the Mentawai, Sipagang, Sikuai, Pasumpahan, Sirandah, Turtle, and others. Unfortunately the new Cubadak and Mentawai already tilled and well promoted. Cubadak island whose name has worldwide and became an icon of South Coastal District has an area of 5749 square km and is 0-1000 meters above sea level. With the position extends from north to south in the western part of West Sumatra, Coastal has 218 km long coast does have potential in tourism. Over 1.5 km long coastline and land controlled by the manager Cubadak is approximately seven acres. If Mentawai is a surfer's paradise, then Cubadak is a paradise for divers and the seafloor surrounding the island is overgrown with coral-reef beautiful coral and colorful fish. Among other European tourists, including Germans are quite enthusiastic about visiting the island, dubbed Paradiso Village. All was not separated vigorous promotion of a number of media in Germany seven years ago. At that time, one team came to the Bavarian TV Cubadak to work on a film documentary. They were shooting from different angles to illustrate the beauty Cubadak.

After playing in Germany, 30-minute film that received a broad and able to be a magnet for the Germans to come to Cubadak. Hundreds of calls went into the TV station. They generally ask how the trip to West Sumatra, Indonesia. For all this they only know Bali or Lombok. In addition, a number of print media was also written long articles about the island "paradise" is. Women's magazine Bild de Rau for example, contains essays entitled "Silence Island in the World" and Munchener Abendpost newspaper wrote "How to Achieve Cubadak Island".

According to Tom Plummer, manager of the Australian yacht which had long been domiciled in Padang, a lot of foreign tourists who originally did not expect privileges Cubadak Island. Not infrequently even the tourists who come to West Sumatra initially complained about the journey of Airport Carocok Tabing to the rather laborious because the road twisting and a lot of corners. "But when I got on the island Cubadak, they will be surprised how beautiful this island and had no regrets never been there, "said Tom.

Tom now also runs a sports shop in Jalan Padang Hiligoo even dare to say that people who come to Cubadak will definitely was impressed. Paired water sports while enjoying the stillness of this island would cause a longing that will make visitors want to return again to the here. Well to prove it was you have to visit there yourself.
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