Travel to Pulau Tidung di Kepulauan Seribu

Indonesia travel inside Pulau Tidung

Jakarta, capital of Indonesia has a very high population density. But who would have thought around this town on the coast there is a tourist attraction that is very beautiful and much visited by local and foreign tourists for Their vacation and holiday. The island's name Tidung tourist attraction. The island is still in the area of Jakarta and become one of the alternative purpose other than Ancol beach. Pulau Tidung island of 2 islands, namely Pulau Besar and Tidung Kecil island. Tidung Besar island is one of the largest island among other islands in the archipelago thousand. While Tidung Kecil island uninhabited island. Tidung island has white sand beaches that make to be beautiful. Crystal clear blue sea water allows the tourists to look further into the bottom of the water contained fish or beautiful coral reefs.

The time required to reach the island Tidung not too long. By using the ship from Muara Angke, Jakarta, it takes about 2-3 hours. Schedule Tidung ship to the island at around 7:00 pm. Cost Tidung boat ride to the island amounted to $3.3, - per person. Another way is to use the service to Tidung tours offered. Usually ships will depart from Ancol and using a special boat. And of course the price offered is more expensive than using a boat.Among the Tidung Big Island and  small Tidung island, there is a bridge that became a liaison between the two islands. The bridge was named the Bridge of Love and become one of the frequently visited tourist attractions for tourists. The length of the bridge is approximately 800 meters. From the wooden bridge, tourists can see the sights in seawater such as coral reefs and fish that swim swiftly on the sides of the bridge. When the morning or late afternoon, the bridge is a romantic place to see the sunrise or sunset. You can also test the courage to jump into the sea of love the high bridge about 10 meters. Usual activities conducted Tidung Island visitors.

A variety of activities to do in Island Tidung include biking around the island, the beach or along the Bridge of Love. You can rent one bike only $ .1.5 and use Them to around the island. Snorkeling is an activity carried out on the beach right Tidung. The water is crystal clear, we see a variety of living things that exist in beserat underwater coral reef. If it does not carry snorkeling equipment, you can rent it at a price of $ 3.5. To enjoy more beautiful scenery, you can rent a boat in order to achieve some beautiful underwater spots. Banana Boat and canoe is a game of water that can be tried on the coast of the Tidung island. Swimming near the beach with the kids will make the children enjoy recreation. Shallow coastal waters clean and worthy of being a place for children to play.
The inn on the island is not a luxury resort or hotel. Visitors to this island can stay in a homestay. Houses are rented to tourists who want to enjoy this island. You can choose whether to stay in a room with Air Conditioner or none. Although not as luxurious as a hotel or resort, lodging on the Tidung island clean enough and certainly the price is not burdensome bag. For the backpakers or who want to try another alternative, you can be camping on the beach for the night. Views of the beach and the sea that you would get on the island of Tidung not inferior to other famous beaches. To reach the island is also not required cost too much. Many tour packages that offer tours to the island costs around $ 30 - which already includes the cost of transportation, meals and lodging. It is best for family recreation.

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