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Indonesia travel inside Selecta Park
Kota Batu was in poor upland areas where tourism is in eastern Java (Indonesia), which cold with a fresh and clean air. This atmosphere can we feel when we visit the place tourist park called Selecta. it is best for vacation and holiday.

Selecta Park in Tulungrejo Village of Kota Batu is surrounded by Mountain's Arjuno, Welirang, and Anjasmoro. To get there, it took about an hour from the city of Malang, or about two hours from Surabaya. "Selecta founded by Dutch citizens Ruyter de Wildt. Initially, as a resort for the citizens of the Netherlands in Indonesian. Selecta As the name implies, comes from Selectia means "choice,"

Because it has a clean and fresh air, a rock garden in the city Selecta become tourist attraction both local and foreign tourists. This place is the ultimate destination for tourists who accustomed to living in a city full of pollution. You can enjoy clean air to meet your lungs. As an addition to refreshing pleasure, you can enjoy the panoramic beauty of nature. The strategic location with good infrastructure already will allow visitors to arrive this place. Selecta tourist spot surrounded by mountains, so the atmosphere feels really natural. Various facilities available to you as well as children, making this place fits into a family tourist attractions.

Before you enter the Selecta Park, you can see a large aquarium with a variety of fish that exist in it as the first thing that will be enjoyed before the other interesting things that will be encountered in the This tourist spot. Variety of tourist zones in Selecta quite complete. Because, in addition to any entertainment tours, travel nature, also features a culinary tour.

When you enter the recreation of Selecta Park, you'll be treated to beautiful natural panorama. This recreation area made to resemble a garden with flowers colorful, very attractive eyes. The flowers that look fresher and more alive than the fissure that you normally might see in urban areas, probably because the air that supports the development these flowers. There is also a patron of green trees that feel fresh garden atmosphere. The park is landscaped neatly and supported by elements of the park, such as rocks, trails or fish ponds making the park look more beautiful.

For those of you who want to visit and vacation with family, theme parks provide a wide Selecta variety of games such as water bicycles, horseback riding tours, outbound, flying fox and mini-car ride can be games are done with your child. Selecta also often visited by the prospective husband and wife to do pre-wedding photo shoot in the flower garden or park around Selecta. because this place is not separated from beauty panoramic of this recreational park. If you stay at the Hotel Selecta, then you've gain admission to the park facility tour view room rates from $30. In the morning, you can exercise by jogging in the region.
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